An Ultimate Guide of Digital Marketing For MSME

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A Guide To MSME Digital Marketing:-

Is there a need for MSME digital marketing?

It’s no hidden truth that the MSME sector which is the backbone of the Indian economy is suffering a huge deal now due to coronavirus pandemic.

The major reason that the MSME sector suffered is that lack of technological innovation when it comes to marketing and lead generation.

Marketing is just letting people out there know why your product or service is out there in the market and why they should also benefit from it.

Here we will talk about the most important aspects of MSME marketing and business that is MSME digital marketing.

MSME digital Marketing involves nothing but promoting your product and services using digital channels. One such aspect of digital marketing for MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) is MSME social media marketing.

A lot of MSME business owners struggle to do digital marketing mostly because of a lot of unawareness of this subject.

If you apply the strategies of digital marketing for MSME discussed in this article, we guarantee you your business will scale up with limited investment.

So, how to do digital marketing for MSME?

6 various channels that you can use to promote your product and services digitally are:-


The website is basically your office in digital space, an online visiting card that your clients will look at when they are searching for your product and services.

Now a common mistake that MSME business owners do is that they make their website cosmetically look good, with good color, and graphics and logo, and stuff.

While that is important but the bigger priority should be the search engine friendliness or Google’s friendliness of the site.

People will search on Google for your product and services and to rank higher, you not only need

Another big mistake that most MSME make is not making the website mobile-friendly.

90% of all searches are done using mobile phones, so not making your website mobile friendly is not a mistake it’s plain stupidity.


SEO stands for search engine optimization.

It basically is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

For example, if you type “training companies in Bangalore”, you’ll find a list of all websites and web pages ranking on that keyword.

What google is doing in this process is filtering the most relevant training companies in Bangalore and giving users the results.

Now it’s your responsibility to ensure google that you are the most authorized training company in Bangalore.

The various strategies applied to do that is what is the crux of SEO operations.

You can use on-page methods such as making keyword-heavy content on the website and off-page SEO methods like creating backlinks.

You can outsource this time-taking research oriented task to digital marketing agency for MSME.

Google Ads

When someone searches something on Google related to your products or services, the first thing that comes in the google searches is the ads.

These are the top position in the Search Engine Results page that you pay to google for.

But it’s not that simple. There whole a lot of bidding, keyword, and landing page strategies involved in it.

Google ads will give you immediate results in the form of qualified leads and will add up to your list.

Consult with a digital marketing agency for MSME before you start bidding, as google ads need bidding and budget management skills.

Content Marketing

When someone says content marketing, they mean to say not only to create relevant content according to your niche but to create it strategically to generate sales.

But for content marketing process, you need to do MSME social media marketing alongside.

Why? Because you need to make sure you share your content on various social media platforms so that the target audience can recognize your brand.

People like to do work with people who are experts.

You may be an expert in your business and know in and out about your business, but the world needs to know your expertise.

You can hire good content writers from places like Fiverr to create content on the blog for your website or outsource it to a digital marketing agency for MSME.

All you need to do is to give the essence of your business to the content writers and they can start producing content as per your niche.

Make sure that they are using proper keywords related to your product and services.

You can use social media to publish content. Thus, MSME social media marketing is important.

Email Marketing

No matter what people say, email marketing is not dead.

Emails to this day are the most powerful tool of direct marketing.

What most people do is whenever they get leads, they feel that they simply have to pitch up their product to them.

But this is not how things work. You have to nurture your clients with problem-solving content if you want to sell high-ticket products and services.

Like mentioned early, people want to do business with experts.

You can attach social proofs and testimonials to the email along with problem-solving content to promote the product and services.

Hire a freelance copywriter to craft persuasive email subject lines and content to take action.

If you feel the long-term need for a copywriter for multiple tasks from proposals, sales letters, website, and blog content then you can efficiently outsource it to an experienced digital marketing agency for MSME.

Marketing Automation

The last and most important thing is to automate email marketing and lead generation activities.

You can use various automation tools available in the market such as Sendinblue, Get Response, etc.

And also CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot can automate your entire sales funnel.

You can choose any tool as per your budget and convenience.

It’s very important to automate the entire process as it will not only reduce time, but also improve productivity.

You can leverage the power of MSME social media marketing which gains you free traffic.

You have to redirect this traffic on the website to capture their details to make them lead. Then nurture and engage them with automated scheduled content throughout the sales funnel.

Thus, these were the top 6 result-oriented strategies of digital marketing for MSME.


In conclusion, you can see the power of digital marketing for MSME sector has huge potential to scale business and grow profit.

With the support of digital marketing, any trade can reach the right audience. The dimensions of the corporation do not matter.

Whether it’s you’re a multinational organization or not. A budding entrepreneur or a skilled businessman, digital marketing can enhance your company’s worth and deliver more trade.

We at digital 365 – a digital marketing agency for the MSME sector. We can help you create your business online via MSME digital marketing strategies and MSME social media marketing techniques.

So feel free to reach out to us for your personal branding needs and if you have any comments regarding this article, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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