Why Google Analytics is Important for your Website?- A To Z Guide!

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Let’s face it. Every business has its struggles and success. 

However, you must keep a close eye on your business growth every time to know why google analytics is important for your websites.

It’s not hidden that every business wants to be competitive in the digital marketing space.

To stay ahead and beat your competition, you need to increase your website visibility by utilizing SEO tactics.

Knowing how your business ranks on Google, taking advantage of Google Analytics is one of the best and safest options.

As knowing how to set up google analytics can help you to understand:

  • How many websites visits you have
  • Who your website visitors are
  • What are there interest while browsing your website
  • How they behave when browsing your website
  • Which type of content they like to see from you and your business.
  • How many social comments, shares & like you have
  • Why google analytics is important for your website

It basically allows you to track and measure your web traffic by keeping your eye on your ROI at the same time.

And the best part of it is absolutely free!

It is almost like a patient under the supervision of doctors for better monitoring & speed of recovery.

Listed points to make you better understand how google analytics is an important tool for your website.

What is google analytics and How does it work?

This is the best way to major & process the interest, behavior, and conversion rate of your customer online with more efficiency and accuracy.

The basic process of google analytics is to:

Step 1 – To fetch the data 

Step 2 – Then compile the data and organize it in a better way &

Step 3 – Finally It generates the report for better understanding in a user-friendly way

All these three steps imply to you the report of how users are interacting with our data.

From where does this data come to google for compilation?

This is the most commonly asked question: what data does google analytics collect or from where does this data come from?

Well, let me tell you!

The moment you go to the google analytics platform and sign up there with your website link from there you get a javascript code. 

That javascript code you need to embed to the place(website, blog) from where you want to see track your traffic. 

This is basically a tracking code that compiles all the necessary and unnecessary data and compiles them for you to generate a valuable report.

Importance of google analytics

Being the most useful and easily accessible tool easily underused & underrated by many marketers today.

Hence it is very important to know about all the confusion surrounding your mind about what data does google analytics collect. And should I use google analytics or not or what are google analytics features?

It allows you to: 

  • Measure the results of individual campaigns in real-time
  • Compare the data to previous records
  • And the list is endless.

Listing you some reasons that you should be using google analytics to measure the growth & success of your website.

Channel overview

What’s better than being able to clearly monitor and review what works and what doesn’t is the best way to help you make your crucial & right decisions.

Google Analytics features are the best option to tell you about this.

Knowing which of your moves are performing and which not is the smartest way to save your time from working out on a wrong decision by rectifying it without wasting any time and resources.

Being a business owner or marketer you can’t afford to waste your precious time & money. They both on bringing successful results from the thing which isn’t worth it.

And what better than analyzing what works better for your business and what not so that you can start working on the right work with all your focus, time, money, and energy.

Google Analytics allows you to have all your data in one place, making it easier to compare the different platforms and channels.

It gives you the privilege to take a closer look at the crucial metrics, like bounce rate and time on page to see. If you need to improve your landing page for better and maximized ROI.

Leverage this tool to monitor & track various social media platforms, PPC ads, and SEO every day effortlessly by focusing on new ways to improve the things that work over the things that do not at all work for your website.

Conversion tracking

It’s always overwhelming and makes you feel great when someone visits your website.

And this makes you realize why google analytics is important for your website.

However, it’s even better to know how many of those visiting people are genuinely interested in your product/services & are actually converting.

Google Analytics works like a charm in this condition for you!

Why google analytics is important for your website, What data does google analytics collect, What is google analytics and how does it work, Should i use google analytics, Google analytics features

It allows you to set up the goals to track whenever a user completes a certain action on your website.

Now you must be like how is this even necessary?

Well, you must know how your web traffic is converting & what data does google analytics collect.

So, that you can take the necessary actions to either improve upon your efforts or make a change that will lead you to the results that you want.

Customer engagement

Google Analytics features is a most powerful tool used to review how well you are doing online and refine the traffic which is irrelevant to you.

It allows you to see the real customer interaction with your website and website content.

Some metrics measure and monitor different aspects of the user experience, by displaying the real & accurate results of how people perceive your website and your ads.

Listing few customer engagement factors that you need to focus on:

Bounce rate: The percentage/ number of online visitors that direct away from your site without interacting after viewing or landing on one page only.

Pages: The average number of pages each user has viewed, excluding the bounce rate pages.

Interaction rate: The average amount of time spent on your website.

Measuring and monitoring these factors allows you to make an informed decision on how you can improve your customers’ engagement efforts and what things you need to keep including for the better performance of your website.

No matter whether it’s through SEO maximization, better content, ads, or tracking current website performance is the key ingredient towards a smooth & successful website presence online among your users.

Data, Mobile Responsiveness, & Business Goals

If the website is not user-friendly then it’s of no use.

Being in this digital world it’s your duty to design your website that is responsive to all the device sizes like mobile phone, laptop, computer, tablets to give a great user-friendly interaction.

Research says that considering mobile the handiest and used gadget people conduct major searches on search engines through this.

Hence, having a mobile-friendly website is a must if you want to be included in search engine ranking for relevant search results.

Google Analytics allows you to track & monitor which of these devices are mostly used or used when people visit your profile.

This will give you an overview of how well your website is responding to different devices and which one is working best for you.

Knowing this will help you better optimize your website and overall website experience among your users to give you better conversion.


Google Analytics is the best free tool present in the market to give you such amazing results that will help you grow your business.

Anyone from anywhere can leverage the google analytics feature to know what does google analytics collect. 

I mean what better than tracking and monitoring the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies with this effortless, accurate & hustle-free tool.

Google Analytics features are not only meant for measuring the results which work for you. But also designed for crafting the best strategies which will work for your website after implementation recommended by it.

Using google analytics is not a requirement of today’s digital market but a need for today’s market.

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