How businesses should use SEO and PPC strategies together to drive business goals

How businesses should use SEO and PPC strategies together to drive business goals


A lot of business that relies on SEO and PPC strategies for marketing, consider them to be separate entities. Some of the times they are considered as an alternative to one another.

However, by combining these two strategies, businesses can obtain far better outcomes and even better business results.

SEO is a method for increasing organic traffic of a site through enhanced visibility and site authority, whereas PPC is a method of generating traffic through carefully crafted adverts in search engines, social media, and other popular online destinations.

While each of the strategies is different, they try to achieve a common objective.

To fully explore the relationship between these two marketing methodologies, let’s explore these two methodologies in depth.

SEO and PPC : The Differences

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the discipline that aims to increase the quantity and quality of site traffic by using various techniques such as link building, content creation, and various other activities.

On the other hand, PPC is a model of digital marketing where advertisers pay an allotted amount each time someone clicks one of their adverts.

Broadly speaking, these two falls under the category of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), there are some key differences between these two concepts.

Paid adverts appear above organic listing achieved by Search Engine Optimized results.

Secondly advertisers have to pay to generate traffic from their ads for the site visits.

Thirdly results generated from PPC campaign be it awareness, traffic, conversion or all of the above is immediate and once the campaign is stopped, the site rankings will most likely revert back to pre-campaign level.

SEO and PPC : The Similarities

While SEO and PPC are very different in many ways but they also claim to have a lot of similarities.

Firstly, they both aim towards driving traffic towards your website.

While one uses paid means the others rely on various organic Search Engine Result Page strategies.

The end goal of both activities remains the same.

Also both SEO and PPC are both keyword-driven activities. Advertisers do keyword research to identify the exact keyword to bid on for optimum results.

And SEO experts do keyword research for various optimization techniques such as titles, content, technical elements, and other critical on-site aspects.

How PPC and SEO can help each other?

Yes it is true that not only SEO and PPC strive for the same end goal, but also are supportive of each other when it comes to making strategies.

Maximizing SERP coverage:

When a site runs PPC, it will be most likely to cover the top portion of the search engine result page.

But if the website is effectively doing SEO as well, it is most likely to cover the top organic ranking of SERP as well. So if a searcher skips the ads, he would directly go to the organic rankings and will find business there.

If a company is well represented in search engine result pages, this would result in better confidence on the customer side while looking for any product or services.

Keyword benefits:

Since both PPC and SEO are heavy on keyword optimization.

Therefore businesses to show up on SERPs on relevant keywords business should optimize for both SEO and PPC campaigns for better outcomes.

Utilizing keyword information from PPC campaigns can help SEOs to understand the types of terms that users are searching to uncover a company’s pages. Instead of waiting on SEO data to begin rolling in, marketers can utilize PPC data to make the necessary adjustments to SEO campaigns.

Elevated Brand Awareness:

When a consumer is directed to the website when they click the advertisement, they are taken to the landing page.

They then might explore the website trying to learn more about the business.

If the site does regular SEO operations, it has a lot of content that is ranking organically. Thereby elevated levels of traffic and ensure better conversions.

These are just a bunch of SEO and PPC benefits. If you want to add anything to this, feel free to do so in the comment section.

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