How to Make Targeted & Ongoing SEO Keyword Decisions ?

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How to Make Targeted & Ongoing SEO Keyword Decisions ?

How to do keyword research like a boss is a dream of every content writer and SEO expert.

And why shouldn’t it be?

Afterall, Picking the right keywords and keyword phrases gives you closure to your targeted audience without any hustle.

I know Increasing traffic to your site is a priority, but attracting the right audience is a necessity.

So, Choosing the most effective keywords to connect with your targeted market can take time and research.

But Trust me the result will be worth it!

Now before jumping to the so many questions like

  • How to do keyword research for business?
  • How to do keyword research for seo?
  • What is the best keyword research tools?

Let me beginning with basics to be on the same page:

  • What is keyword research?
  • What keywords research is important?

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is a practice search engine optimization(SEO) professionals perform to find and research actual search terms that people enter into search engines.

It is one of the most crucial steps and fundamental pillars in successful search engine optimization (SEO).

This makes you realize the question of how to do keyword research.

Why Keyword Research Technique Is Important For SEO?

While some say that Keywords are no longer important or won’t be essential in the future.

They are wrong!

Keyword research technique is still crucial not only for search engine rankings, or PPC but for understanding the search intent behind a given query.

As long as people will search the keywords, relevancy of how to find keywords for SEO is there.

  • Start What You Are Good At

Finding the right & winning keyword is really a tough task.

It needs all your soul and mind with full dedication to finalize a right keyword which focuses your business product/services or your individual interest.

So, it is very important :

  • To make a list of all the terms that your work/business is around.
  • The area in which you specialize or love working in.

This will give you a better idea and will help you choose how to do keyword research the right way for your content.

For example if your are in digital marketing niche then your target audience will look for:

  • Best keyword research tools
  • How to start SEO
  • How to do blogging
  • Keyword research tutorial
  • Keyword research technique and terms like that.

Specializing/knowledge in this field will help you understand your audience’s mind phrases better which result in better keywords.

  • Think like a customer

This is the most basic thing that people often ignore while doing keyword research.

After all, the whole purpose of making your content is to solve your customer’s problem.

how to do keyword research,how to do keyword research for business, how to do keyword research for seo, how to find keyword for seo, keyword research tutorials, keyword research technique, keyword research tutorial, best keyword research tools

And this will all go to waste if you are unable to let it reach your customer. 

Identifying your targeted audience & putting yourself into their shoes is what makes an ordinary keyword analyst a PRO.

You can always look for inspiration among your family members, friends, current customers, what’s trending & your competitors too. And then how to do keyword research for business no more will be a question for you.

  • See what your competitors are targeting:

You want to save time while doing keyword research?

 I completely get it!

Why not take a shortcut and see on which keyword your competitors are targeting and successfully ranking for?

Afterall Not all shortcuts are bad -sometimes they work too.

This tactic is fantastic for two reasons:

  • You can find long-tail keyword phrases that other best keywords research tools might not be able to pick up.
  • You can get an idea of what your competitors are actually doing to gain fantastic results by molding the strategies.

 I mean how awesome it is to figure out what your mutual audience is responding to without risking your first-hand.

But there is a warning for you as well to not copy everything as it.

Of course, you can take the inspiration but the end result always must be what you have curated at your own terms.

  • Importance of keyword length

When we are talking about keywords then it’s also important to talk about which keyword works more effectively.

Keyword research technique comes into the picture here.

Long tail keywords are a combination of 3 or more words or phrases.

And being long tail keywords the new favourite of search engine:

  • It tends to get lower search engine volume
  • They generally attract relevant traffic 
  • Are less competitive and
  • Easier to rank well on 

So, choosing long tail keywords that help to specify your product or service is not only a smart choice but a choice which is mandatory to rank on google first page.

  • Key To Best Keyword Research Tools

Being a newbie to SEO, finding the winning keywords to target your audience might sound daunting to you.

But by holding the hand of the best keyword research tools your keyword research journey might become smooth.

how to do keyword research,how to do keyword research for business, how to do keyword research for seo, how to find keyword for seo, keyword research tutorials, keyword research technique, keyword research tutorial, best keyword research tools

As it gives you an overall idea of what is working in the market without much  brainstorming.

There are some free keyword research tools like google trends, google keyword planner, which you can use as your helping partner in the beginning.

And later you can surely switch to the paid versions of any of the good tools present in the market if you really enjoy being an SEO analyst. 

  • Local or Global Keywords

Not everyone is looking for things that are global, some also demand local.

And with the increased penetration of everything going online it also increases the demand of local markets online.

Nowadays even a local general store has it’s online presence.

So looking at the necessity and demand of this it is important to look for the aspect which we are working on.

If we are targeting local markets it is better we use keywords which have been used by the local natives living there.

  • Niche Specific Keyword

You can’t just go for the keywords which are trending in the market but are not relevant to the product and service you provide.

This will not only increase your site bounce rate but also will decrease the authority of your page.

It is very important to use only the set of keywords which show connection to your content.

For example if you are writing a blog on how to do seo and you are adding the keyword social media strategies.

Then let me tell you that it is totally going to fail your intent of ranking on the first page.

  • Don’t Forget To Analyze The Result

After choosing your keywords don’t forget to monitor them and analyze the results.

It might be possible that your competitors must be using the trending keywords or phrases.

So, don’t forget to utilize your keywords whenever possible!

Insert your keywords into your blogs, social media posts,and meta tags.

The more you will use the keywords within your content, the easier it will be for your targeted audience to reach you.

And then how to do keyword research for your business will be the lamest thing to discuss to you.


Keywords are the phrases that audiences are asking before and after becoming your customers.

And there is no doubt that keywords research is the most essential part of content marketing and SEO Analysts.

It helps individuals on so many levels, from understanding your readers to organizing and structuring your content.

It would be pointless to publish even a single piece without knowing whether your audience wants to consume it or not.

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