Why Facebook ads are better than organic posts For reaching your audience?

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In the world of digitalization people’s demands also have become digital which is making digital marketers and businesses think twice to level up their game.

If the first era of social media was engagement then the second era is acquisition and conversion.

And organic vs paid reach on Facebook was always a debate among marketers according to their different proportion of promotions and requirements.

So, let me save you some leg work!

And put some light on why Facebook ads are better than organic posts for reaching your audience.

Also why this debate of organic vs paid reach on Facebook is useless to debate on.

Well, they both are different beasts best harnessed for different goals.

Where organic posts are the best start for beginners who are putting their legs in this field whereas paid ads can be done for a better approach and engagement to the audience.

But whatever should be done they both required equal consciousness and understanding approach.

What is an organic post?

The organic post refers to the free content(photo, videos, posts, memes, stories, etc.) that all users, including business brands, share with each other and on their feeds to let others consume their content.

And this is not all that organic reach on Facebook does.

As a brand or an individual when you post organically to your account, you can expect that the people who will see it are:

  • Your followers(organic reach of facebook)
  • Your follower’s followers( if people choose to share your post)
  • People following any hashtag you use (organic reach on facebook)

It sounds pretty simple!

But the reason why organic posts are the foundation of every digital marketing strategy today is :

Because it’s the best way to nurture your cold audience with your regular content and convert them into your warm audience without actually pitching to them.

For example, brands use organic reach on Facebook posts to:

  • Nurture their customers
  • Build relationships by sharing informative, entertaining, and inspiring content.
  • Engage your customer at every stage of their buying journey.
  • Support your customer with your valuable or requested contents.
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What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads or Facebook paid ads are more customer-centric and target its users according to their demographics, location, and profile information.

These options make facebook paid ads even more compelling for their audience to try.

After creating a Facebook paid ad, you set a budget and bid for each click or impression that your ad will receive.

Facebook’s various attractive ads features make it more appealing and demanding among marketers and every individual or business who wishes to market their product at a handy price & effective way.

For example, Businesses/individuals use Facebook ads to:

  • To target product/service centric customers
  • Filter the junk leads and get the valuable leads
  • Easy to retarget the cold audience
  • Enagaign and fast way of leads conversion
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Breathing Benefits :

Benefits of organic posts

If you will ask me about organic posts on social media or Facebook organic reach then I will say this makes you alive even if your paid ads are not working well.

It lets you keep up your brand’s online presence freely.

You can literally:

  • engage with your existing customer, 
  • remind them why they choose you, 
  • can appeal to them to do the needful by sharing your posts on their handles
  • so hopefully they will recommend you to everyone they know and who need your service

And research also says that 58% of consumers visit a brand’s social media page before they check it on their website.

As they will see your organic content first then they see your ads retargeting them.

And what I have felt is that many times people who see ads first go to check your profile which consists of organic posts.

It’s like your digital portfolio online and what better than this:

  • As facebook organic reach or organic post is free.
  • It reinforces the relationship between your brand and your existing followers .
  • Act as your digital portfolio or resume.
  • Work as a verification tool for your business.
  • Allows direct two way engagement.
  • Gives you more room to build your trust, reputation and validation.
  • Its free so you can try your hands on multiple things that work and that doesn’t work.

Benefits Of Facebook Ads

There are many reasons to invest in Facebook ads and become a fan of them.

The number of consumers is increasing, increasing e-commerce purchases every year.

According to the research 24%, more consumers made a purchase after seeing Facebook ads.

And 91% of marketers are satisfied with the investment of their ad spend on Facebook ads.

This indeed makes it special for its consumers who are in need of better ROI for their business without any hustle.

The reason why people are still avid users of Facebook ads are:

  • Facebook ads allows you to reach your new audience for better brand awareness
  • Facebook ads perform better than organic posts, breaking through a platform’s natural algorithm.
  • Allows you to reach them instead of relying on your users to reach you
  • Sometimes your post only needs a boost to convert your audience into your paid customers
  • Its different format of paid advertising makes it versatile in targeting customers better
  • Facebook ads are better at saving your money and targeting only those audiences which are converting for you.
  • It saves your time and increase your leads conversion

Why facebook ads are better?

Nurture more leads 

Lead generation is one of the missed opportunities in organic posts.

In today’s world where people have no time, money, and patience than what better than Facebook ads to leverage their customers into leads.

If your sole purpose is to target leads then Facebook ads are the right deal for you to convert your right audience in a limited time.

Reduced cost per click of paid campaign

Facebook paid ads product is one of the most impressive that we’ve ever seen.

And the sophistication of the audience targeting options is every marketer’s dream.

Facebook being enriched with the number of features provides you the deal of lowest CPC for ads if you master the other variables.

And here’s the deal!

All you need is a little and cautious knowledge of how Facebook ads run and the rest is as easy as spending a penny on a chips packet.

It’s that affordable to reach your targeted audience.

Tons of new facebook ads features

While looking back when Facebook started it was only posts, videos, and ads. 

Now there are tons of new features like Facebook Stories, Facebook watch, Facebook groups, and Facebook live.

And how can we forget its various range of targeting audience like the narrow audience, broad audience, etc?

You can target from where you want for your fruitful conversion of leads.

Better retargeting

Running ads targeting our customers and getting conversion leads to a very hectic task and needs all your brains and concentration.

You need to fix the demographics, gender, age, targeting groups, setting the right bidding, etc.

Imagine doing the whole process again!

Along with tiring it’s a bit frustrating and confusing as well.

Facebook retargeting options help you save your time and efforts both by providing you the targeting option.

You can say the secret tips to increase Facebook reach.

Who should advertise on facebook?

There is a very simple answer to it- Everyone!


This is easy to operate, very affordable, and gives better conversion in less time.

The reason why many businesses and individuals fail at Facebook advertising is because of their lack of knowledge of Facebook ads and incomplete understanding of strategies. 

In the past time, Facebook ads were only about display ads but now it has a variety of ads features in it that can be easily leveraged.

All you need is to know it a little better before using this for your customer conversion.

Once you become a bit confident in running this there is nothing better than this for making you reach your leads like a pro.

Suggestion as suggested!

How organic vs paid reach on Facebook complement one another is very easy to define.

As they both are our necessity and we need both of them as per their timing and requirement.

Yes, it’s true that Facebook paid ads are proven to be most cost-effective, time-saving, and result-driven.

But we can’t ignore the importance of organic reach on Facebook representing individuals digitally on your behalf to your customer.

The blending of both can pay you even more ROI than using anyone.

Yes, we can mold our priorities according to requirements but we can’t ignore their individual presence and impact as well.


Organic vs paid reach on Facebook (Paid Ads)this fight is endless as both paid and organic landscapes are equally evolving 

The rise of new networks and changes in algorithms making both of them equally powerful

Where paid one gives you instant results, organic is a bit slow and steady to win the race.

But both need the right strategies and valuable content to deliver to your audience for a better conversion rate as this is not the sole factor of paid ads.

But in today’s world where we don’t have time to take a breath we prefer something spontaneous & fast result-giving strategies.

Here what paid ads come into the picture providing you to target a specific set of audiences and also give you the flexibility to customize your ads according to your preference.

Along with this paid ads are also a very confined way of getting better conversion in a limited span of time.

And the silver line is that the increase in demand for digital ads gives evidence of ads price going lower.

Which makes it even more convenient, accessible, and pocket-friendly for users to adopt this.

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